Helping children concern us all

They suffer from Poverty, Hunger, diseases, wars and cannot go to school and have no prospect of a better future

Children are suffering. care today and join us, Save a Child in East Africa

Working to ensure that all children in East Africa have equitable opportunities to quality and relevant education and nutrition to also have a future we share.


  1. With reference from more than 386 million children are currently living on the African continent – and the number is rising. The United Nations estimates that Africa’s population will double to 2.4 billion by 2050. That’s one quarter of the world’s population. 42 percent of all children under the age of five would live in Africa in the middle of the 21st century, according to the prognosis.
  2. The World Bank estimates that between 45 and 50 percent of people in sub-Saharan Africa live below the poverty line, i.e. they have to live on less than $ 1.25 a day. This makes the sub-Saharan region the poorest region in the world. The African continent also has the highest number of malnourished people, at 24.8 percent.

Challenges Children Face in East Africa

Children suffer from hunger due to poverty in eastern Africa cannot access education and have no prospect of the future we share. Many of them do not even experience their fourth birthday. The children in East Africa particularly need your help suffering we the facts you looking for and figures that concern everyone.

saveachild Non profitable NGO support children and youth to reach their full potential Working to ensure that every child and young person survives and thrives GOAL WASH strategic objective is to continue to deliver holistic Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programmes that target vulnerable groups in a timely and efficient manner whilst measuring impact, retaining the capacity to respond to rapid onset emergencies, reducing disaster risk for the chronically vulnerable and building the capacity of a full range of WASH stakeholders to continue to operate and maintain installed facilities and carry out work in the future.
The sustainability of the rural water supply is still a thorny issue in East Africa.

How the Save a Child Help Children in East Africa

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