We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


Through sponsorships, grants and donations, we provide platforms to ensure a world where children are free from violence, we empower children to live healthy, achieve education and economically sustainable lives.


We implement innovative high quality informal and formal education programmes that help the young generation to transform our world. Children with more ideas will create more solutions to benefit us all.


Sensitizing our members and the youths about unplanned pregnancy and its impact on their studies and development.


Supporting income generating ventures for our single mother’sinitiatives through raising capital, marketing and research.


Offering practical entrepreneurship skills to the young people and the youth of the global community mostly in low developed countries.


Organizing free HIV testing and counseling sessions for a healthy generation

How Your Donation Is Used at Save a Child

How Your Donation Is Used at Save a Child

Helping Minorities & Refugees

At save a child we try as much as possible to help the minorities and Refugees access good health facilities and help them fight mental health, which erupts from stigma, discrimination, and criminalization. Collection of funds and all sorts of help/gifts is always done though underground contributions and campaigns where all the contributed finances and any kind of help goes  to the people in Uganda hence helping them access good health, counseling and a little financial services to help them run their daily lives.

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